Fuel Pump Spacer
Fits 46-71 Jeep & Willys with 4-134 engine

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Fuel Pump Spacer
Fits 46-71 Jeep & Willys with 4-134 engine
New Fuel Pump Spacer (1 required per vehicle)

Goes between fuel pump and block. An essential item to space the arm of your fuel pump away from the lobe of the camshaft creating proper fuel pressure to your fuel pump.

4-134 engine
6-226 engine
6-161 engine

46-49 CJ-2A
49-53 CJ-3A
53-64 CJ-3B
55-71 CJ-5
50-52 M38
52-66 M38A1
46-64 Truck
46-64 Station Wagon
48-51 Jeepster
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Questions: my fuel pump & line is retaining too much pressure after shutoff, so that the carb leaks fuel into the intake with the engine off. does this spacer lower the fuel psi and resolve this issue?
Question By: erick on Mar 17 2020 8:08 PM
Its more likely that your motor is dieseling after shut off. I would double check your timing. You can email too.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Mar 18 2020 5:45 AM
Questions: Am I correct in that a gasket is required on either side of the spacer?
Question By: Al on May 4 2019 6:32 PM
Yes, I would put a gasket on either side.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on May 6 2019 5:42 AM
Questions: How thick are these spacer? My fuel pump works but it seems to take a long time to fill the glass bowl up when its been sitting for a while. I wasn't sure if adding this part would make a difference, if its only like 1/16 thick, could I just get some thicker cork gasket?
Question By: Ryan S on Jul 21 2016 10:41 PM
It is approx. 1/4" thick.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jul 25 2016 5:45 AM
Questions: I have a 4 134 F engine is this spacer needed?
Question By: Michael Potts on Jun 18 2016 5:26 PM
This part will work for all 4-134 engines.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jun 20 2016 5:48 AM
Questions: Would this spacer be necessary for my CJ3A, 4-134 with a standard Airtex aftermarket fuel pump?
Question By: Anonymous on Jul 14 2014 12:00 AM
They were original to the vehicles.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Jul 14 2014 12:00 AM
Questions: Do I need a gasket to go between the block and the spacer, and one between the spacer and the pump?
Question By: Nick on Mar 5 2014 12:00 AM
I would put one yes.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Mar 6 2014 12:00 AM
Questions: I'M getting conflicting answers, do I need the spacer on my 1955 CJ5 with duel action pump???
Question By: john on Oct 26 2013 12:00 AM
Yes We always recommend these spacers.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Oct 28 2013 12:00 AM