Oak Wood Bed Slat Kit
Fits 46-64 Station Wagon

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Oak Wood Bed Slat Kit
Fits 46-64 Station Wagon

New Oak Wood Bed Slate Kit

This is a new oak wood slate kit for the bed of your Willys Station Wagon. There are USA made kits and very high quality.

These include the scaloped pieces that go above the compartment, under the front seats & next to the doors.

The kits are marked from the bottom where the screws should go but are not drilled.  We do provide a sheet with locations.

13 Piece kit. Originally there were 11 pieces but we include the 2 pieces by fender well bringing total to 13. Finished with 80 grit sand paper for a clean finish all the way down to the end.

Note per original:
For 1946-51 Station Wagon Bed 2.5" wide
For 1952-64 Station Wagon Bed 1.75" wide

46-64 Station Wagon

For exact kit please specify length desired. We will contact after order to get measurments. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipment of kit.

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Questions: Do you make or plan on reproducing the rear floor for the station wagons? From the lip of the tailgate where the hinge sets about a foot in or the whole back half? Just 2 feet in from the rear lip would sell like hotcakes!!!!
Question By: Jessica Neel on Sep 16 2020 4:35 PM
Sorry, right now that has to be repaired there locally.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Sep 16 2020 9:44 AM
Questions: Do these slats come pre- drilled for anchoring to the floor, and are they raw wood or pre-finished?
Question By: Phillip A. Perrine on Apr 19 2017 3:19 PM
No, they are not pre-drilled. They are marked from the bottom where the screws should go. It does come with a sheet with locations. Thanks
Answer By: Admin on Apr 19 2017 9:00 AM
Questions: Will this be the right OEM for 54 sedan delivery ?
Question By: Bob on Oct 6 2016 10:58 AM
Yes, that is correct. We have a few different versions we make to match your vehicle specific.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Oct 6 2016 6:05 AM