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Kaiser Willys carries parts and kits for older Jeep transmissions including the T-84, T-90, T-96, Tremec and Warner transmissions. Find complete overhaul kits or locate the individual components you need to complete your transmission restoration in our online parts catalog. If you have any questions about the parts you will need, feel free to reach out to us, email our tech support at, or give us a call at Toll Free: 1-888-648-4923 (Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM EST).


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Transmission Application Guide:

MB / GPW 1941-1945 T-84
CJ-2A 1945 (late) – 1949 T-90
CJ-3A 1949-1953 T-90
CJ-3B 1953-1964 T-90
M38 1950-1952 T-90
M38-A1 1952-1971 T-90
Truck 4WD 1946-1964 T-90
Station Wagon 4×4 1946-1964 T-90
Station Wagon 2×4 (w/Planar Susp.) 1946-1964 T-96
Jeepster VJ (early) 1948-1951 T-96
CJ-5 1955-1971 T-90
CJ-5 1976-1979 3-Speed Tremec T150
CJ-5 1976-1979 4-Speed Warner T18
CJ-5 1980-1981 4-Speed SR 4
CJ-5 1980-1983 4-Speed Tremec T176
CJ-7 1976-1979 3-Speed Tremec T150
CJ-7 1976-1979 4-Speed Warner T18
CJ-7 1980-1981 4-Speed SR 4
CJ-7 1982-1986 4-Speed Warner T4
CJ-7 1982-1986 5-Speed Warner T5
CJ-8 1982-1986 4-Speed Warner T4
CJ-8 1980-1981 4-Speed SR 4
CJ-8 1982-1986 5-Speed Warner T5