Steering Bellcrank Repair Kit (3/4" shaft)
Fits 41-48 MB, GPW, CJ-2A up to serial # 199079

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Steering Bellcrank Repair Kit (3/4" shaft)
Fits 41-48 MB, GPW, CJ-2A up to serial # 199079
New Steering Bellcrank Repair Kit (1 required per vehicle)

Complete steering bellcrank repair kit. Includes new pin, bearings, washer, and nut. Replacement for 3/4" shafts. Ball on bellcrank points down. Eliminates slop and shaft wobble when turning wheel.

41-45 MB
41-45 GPW
46-48 CJ-2A up to serial number 199079
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Questions: ON my 1946 CJ2A, I can't figure out which direction the tapered locking pin inserts from. Actually, I need to see which way to drive it out, since it's in place, then I'll reverse the process with the new locking pin. The pin I am referring to is the tapered locking pin, not the 3/4" shaft. Thank you.
Question By: Chuck Hawley on Jul 17 2022 10:02 PM
I believe the pin will punch out from the inside. I will have to check one to confirm.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jul 18 2022 5:46 AM
Questions: My current 1945 willys mb steering bellcrank has a bronze bushing installed in it. If I replace with with these bearings what should the bellcrank ID be?
Question By: Brian on Oct 14 2019 1:43 AM
This will replace your bronze bearing and be a complete kit.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Oct 14 2019 6:23 AM
Questions: I have a 1948 cj2a. I bought your bell crank repair kit and found the mounting bracket that's welded to the frame under the radiator crossmember is worn out a bit. The new shaft wiggles around to much for comfort. Is there a brass bushing or a replacement bracket available? Thank you.
Question By: Kevin on Jul 15 2019 12:45 AM
You may have to try to fabricate and repair your old bracket or even tack the pin in place.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jul 15 2019 5:39 AM
Questions: How tight should the castle nut be? I can't locate a spec for it in the manual.
Question By: Les Berg on Mar 22 2018 10:52 PM
I dont believe there is a spec but will check. You want it tight enough not to bind but have no side to side slop either.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Mar 23 2018 5:44 AM
Questions: You say this fits up to serial number 199079, I have serial number 27441 and this is the closest one to mine that I have found on your website. the only difference is mine has a bushing not needle bearings. I would actually prefer needle bearings as long as there would not be any other issues? Can you shed some light on this?
Question By: Elvis Hood on Dec 3 2016 5:39 PM
You need to check the size of your shaft. Call us toll free. We can ID your set up and help you order the right one for your Willys.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Dec 5 2016 5:40 AM
Questions: Finally got the taper pin out, is the 3/4 shaft with the castle nut that holds the Bell Crank part # 915762 also tapered? If not which way would you beat it out, from the top or the bottom? Thanks Dopug
Question By: Doug on Dec 3 2013 12:00 AM
I believe the taper goes down. You need to drive it out from the small side.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Dec 4 2013 12:00 AM
Questions: I have the 3/4 Bellcrank (downfacing ball) and your kit. Do I recess the two caged needle bearings inside the bellcrank hub deep enough to allow the grease seals to be flush with the outer hub surface, or a bit proud of the surface? It appears that if I recess them too far, I will cover, or obstruct, the grease fitting port. Thanks and regards, Jeff
Question By: Jeff on Mar 25 2013 12:00 AM
They stick out just a bit so you shouldnt have any trouble.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Mar 26 2013 12:00 AM
Questions: on gpw does the o'rings go on the bottom of bearing and on top of bearing or should i sat washer ,oring bearing-bearing, then o-ring,then sloted washer
Question By: Rocky on Jun 30 2012 12:00 AM
The O-ring is the grease seal so I would put that on the outside.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Jul 2 2012 12:00 AM