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Starter Motor Drive Bendix
Fits 41-49 MB, GPW, CJ-2A

Part # A17702

New Replacement Starter Drive Bendix

Comes complete just like original with new teeth ready for install!!! Any easy fix for worn out starter motor drive gears.

For Autolite MZ-4113 with 6 volt

4-134 L engine

41-45 MB
41-45 GPW
46-49 CJ-2A

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Hi there, would you supply the spring only ? Thank you.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Sorry, we can only get these complete.

I haved a 1949 cj2a with a 9 tooth bendix do you have a 9 tooth unit?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
They used both 9 and 10 tooth. They change the diameter of gear to accommodate difference. This is the proper bendix for your CJ-2A.

I have a 47 CJ2A with this starter. I have taken it to the repair shop to rebuild twice. The issue is the cap on the end of the bendix drive keeps breaking off at the threads where it has been hammered for the indentions. The top two threads sheer off after maybe 10 starts. We have a 12 volt battery driving the electrical system and I assume this original starter is 6 volt. Can you tell me if the extra voltage is creating this problem or is my repair shop just using crappy china parts. Please let me know if this bendix drive will hold up to the 12 volt start.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
The 12 volt wouldnt do that that Ive ever seen. Email mike@kaiserwillys.com and we can help you out. Thanks!

will this bendix work on the 97 tooth and the 124 tooth ring gears?

Willys Tech:
This bendix is for MZ4113 starter with the original 97 tooth ring gears they used on the vehicles above.

How many teeth the gear does this item have?

Willys Tech:
10 just like original.

I wish to purchase a Bendix drive to fit a 1/2 inch drive shaft on the starter motor on early Willys . Please advise if in stock . Regards , Don

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Please email mike@kaiserwillys.com your Autolite starter numbers and we can see if we can help.

I have purchased Bendix drive Part no. A17702 which in the photos appears to have a left hand return spring which looks the same as my old one & fits a V4 Wisconsin spinning anticlockwise. However the part I received yesterday has a clockwise wound spring & the gear spins clockwise. Do you have the same part with the gear spinning the other way? Thanks for any help you can give me & I look forward to your reply. Regards Garry Spencer

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
They are made for the original Autolite MZ4113 - if its going on a different application it may not work. Email mike@kaiserwillys.com your Autolite information and i can try to help.

I bought a 12 volt MZ4113 starter for my 1946 cj2a MB (4-134 L engine) BUT the gear on the starter is a 34mm 9 tooth gear. I have a 97 tooth flywheel The gears don't mesh. What do I need to replace or fix?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Please call us toll free and we can ID what you bought and the set up on your vehicle to help.

I have an Autolight MZ 4013 starter with a Bendix 10 tooth gear. Will this Bendix fit that starter?

Willys Tech:
You probably have a MZ4113 starter motor. This is for the MZ4113 starter only. They used it in the Willys listed above.

Have '47 w/ MZ4113 Starter. Turning, but Bendix came off of shaft & shaft teeth/spline suffered. Can this product be attached to & be re-placed on existing starter shaft?

Willys Tech:
This can probably do the trick. You will want to check for any other damage on your starter too. We can rebuild yours if you need us too.

my bendix looks almost identical for 46 CJ2A, but on the bell housing end mine is just a small shaft. am i missing that bearing looking thing shown in picture? my bell housing appears to have a bushing in it that fits the shaft pretty decent.

Willys Tech:
Yes you should definetly have that on your MZ4113 starter.

I have 1966 Kaiser jeep CJ 5 with 4-134 F engine and worn out starter motor drive gear. Does all jeeps have same size motor drive gear?

Willys Tech:
No, you have to match the bendix to the starter motor numbers.

I have a 6 Volt Autolite Starter MZ 4113.....Will the above Starter Motor Bendix Drive fit/be compatible to my Starting Motor

Willys Tech:
Yes this is the correct one for it.


Willys Tech:
Sounds like it could be. I would check your teeth and if your starter motor is turning over slowly.
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