2023 Kaiser Willys Photo Contest

About The 2023 Willys Photo Contest

If your photo is selected, you could win one of the prizes below!

Grand Prize Winner: A feature on the front cover of the 2024 Catalog AND a $1000 gift certificate.

2nd Place Winner: A feature on the back cover of the 2024 Catalog AND a $500 gift certificate.

Calendar Winner(s): A featured month or front/back cover in the 2024 Kaiser Willys calendar AND a $100 gift certificate from Kaiser Willys.

Entries are now open and will be accepted through September 30th, 2023.

How to participate

Use the form below to submit your Willys Jeep photo(s) and any special stories about your Jeep’s restoration or history (optional). We’ll let you know if YOUR photo is selected as one of our winners!

The deadline for ALL photo contest entries is September 30th, 2023.

NOTE: There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit. If you would like to send in more photos than the form allows, provide a photo/album download link (in the last form field) or email them to us separately at fall.contest@kaiserwillys.com – Make sure to submit your entry through the form first (without photos) if sending your entries in by email. This is required in order to officially to enter the contest.

Helpful Photo Tips

Photo submissions intended for the front and back of the catalog need to be oriented vertically (portrait). Calendar photos should be oriented horizontally (landscape). ***Have your camera set to the highest resolution available, whether you are using a professional camera or your smartphone.

Composition: We recommend that your Willys Jeep is shown in full in the photo. We prefer having some extra space around all sides of your vehicle (please don’t crop in to exclude the sides, bottom or top of your Willys – leave a little bit of space unless you are cropping intentionally). This gives us some room to work with your photo and might make your photo more eligible for inclusion in certain layouts.

Lighting: Avoid taking photos that are too dark or too light, as this will reduce the quality of your photo if further adjustments need to be made to achieve the best quality for print. Make sure the sun is behind the person taking the photo – never put the subject of your photo in front of a bright light source unless you are intending to create a silhouette as part of your composition.

Print Quality & Resolution: Please avoid sending screenshots of photos or of your computer screen as these types of photos are typically not suitable for print. If the file size of your photo is less than 2MB, it may not be well suited for print; although if you have no other option to increase the resolution natively,  please send in your photo even if it does not meet this target. If your photo has a very high resolution (this is great!) you may need to provide download links or email your photo to us separately, as the uploader may not be able to handle your photo, depending on your internet connection and speed. If possible, always select the highest quality available for your device.

Subject Matter: We encourage everyone to send in photos that are meaningful to you – feel free to photograph your Willys in (his or her) best light, including photos that feature your pets, families, friends, etc. The only thing we ask is that you submit material that would be appropriate for others to view, and keep in mind that the winning photos will be featured in our catalog, calendar, ads, social media, and viewed by our other customers and members of the community.

GOOD LUCK! We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Enter Your Photo Below:


    *To see the winners of last year’s Photo Contest in print along with other great stories about Willys Jeeps and their people, request your free copy of the Kaiser Willys Catalog. Thank you for being a part of our community!