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Kaiser Willys Auto Supply, a family owned business providing quality and reasonably priced vintage Willys Jeep Parts, was founded by Ron Meditz and handed down from father to son, Mike Meditz, in the early 2000s. In the beginning, Ron’s interest in the hobby began with a1954 Kaiser Darrin (pictured below), and very quickly expanded into Kaiser Frasier, Willys Jeep, Truck and Station Wagon. For as long as he can remember, owner Mike Meditz can recall many childhood experiences surrounding his father’s interest in the Kaiser / Willys line of automobiles.

While other families enjoyed vacations at the beach, mountains or theme parks, Mike’s father Ron could be found with his family in tow at one of many weekend swap shops, car club shows, or restoration competitions, with parts packed tightly in the back of a U-Haul. Family trips were Willys adventures spent on the road or unloading parts out of a towed trailer. In every sense of the word, owner Mike Meditz grew up "in the business."

Kaiser Willys owner, Mike Meditz, pictured as a young child and working on his father's 1954 Kaiser Darrin.
Owner Mike Meditz working on his father's 1954 Kaiser Darrin

Inheriting the family passion for Willys Jeeps, Mike started working on his own Willys (his first car) at the young age of 12, a 1965 CJ-5 that he restored (later also restoring a CJ-2A), while bussing tables at China Palace and working at CVS. As Mike grew older, the parts that his father was stocking grew too until the entire house was taken over. Mike laughs as he recounts the memory of the one and only steadfast family rule in the house - "no Jeep parts on the dinner table." He remembers piles of stock, stacked in living rooms, bedrooms and closets, before Kaiser Willys moved into its current home in Aiken, South Carolina.

About Kaiser Willys Auto Supply:
Kaiser Willys is known for specializing in parts for 1941-1971 Willys and Jeep models, and has now expanded their inventory to include later models all the way up to 1986, providing vintage military and civilian Willys parts to museums, repair shops and thousands of Jeep enthusiasts worldwide!

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always ready to provide assistance, whether you are working on simple brake job, tire replacement, engine overhaul, steering rebuild, or a full "body-off" restoration. Whether you need to place an order or just need technical advice, please feel free to email Mike Meditz directly, or call us at Toll Free 1-888-648-4923 (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM EST).

GARTforVets.org: A Willys Jeep (and Captain) in Service of the Community
In 2023, Kaiser Willys became an official sponsor of The Great American Road Trip for Veterans - This cross country trip, completed by Captain Scott Montefusco in a 1952 M38 Willys Jeep, aimed to bring awareness and pay homage to the sacrifices of our veterans and first responders. Kaiser Willys sponsored Scott's frame up restoration of "Little Glory," the Willys Jeep that took the Captain from coast to coast, making a final arrival in Long Island, NY.
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