Customer Reviews

New to Kaiser Willys? See what our customers are saying about us!

 "Spent a lot on much needed hard to find parts for my Willys but I was VERY IMPRESSED with the quality of my parts, the shipping speed, and the packaging! My Jeep sat for years and just a few days after ordering my parts it was running and driving again! I will definitely be using Kaiser Willys for any other parts I need for my CJ2A!"

~ Jacob W Smith

"Just a note to say thanks. I’ve bought quite a few parts over the last year and was never disappointed. I’m working on a 1960 CJ5 that has all original parts but they are all worn out! All the parts I’ve gotten from you have either been exact replacement or an improvement over the originals. I was happy to get the 2023 catalog in the mail today. I really appreciate all the tech info, videos and quick customer service."

~ Larry James

"Solid Service. Keep up the good work!!!"

~ Alec Wiles

"I have a 1952 M38A1 and I have bought a substantial amount of parts from Kaiser Willys Jeep. Always get treated well - great customer service."

~ Norman Fields

"You guys are #1 and I'll be definitely ordering more parts in the near future - have a great one!!"

~ Migel Boulet

"I would love to leave good feedback - you guys really deserve it. I keep forgetting my password and every time I try to enter it the computer keeps me out. In the past few years I have been treated with medication that affects memory. This then becomes a limiting factor for me. Without you and your team there I could not enjoy my dream of owning, working on and driving my dream. Thank you for all you do for all of us. You help make dreams come true. Best regards always!"

~ Luis Duran

"I’ve been able to count on KW having what I need, when I need it. You’ve been a great resource for my project."

~ Brad Bastian

"Great service, items packed well, received in good time. I'll be back as I get my GPW going."

~ Mark Lyons

"The original order got lost in the mail, but customer service was quick to rectify it and sent out a new shipment the very next day. Very pleased with the service, thanks."

~ Derek P Elsasser

"Mike, wow, I didn't expect to hear from you until at least Monday! I guess what I have heard is true - your service and support is exceptional! Thank you very much."

~ nightrodspecial21

"Thanks for the last one on checking for vacuum loss. I just completed putting the welt kit on my gas tank with the help of your videos. Keep them coming."

~ Weldon Clinard

"I always appreciate your help - that schematic that you shared with me is the Bees Knees!"

~ Matthew Frechette

""Sending a great big "Thank You" note for your help with my Solex Carb problem. I took the top off the carb as discussed with Mike. It didn't seem to be dirty or contaminated in any way. So I shook the assembly and worked the needle valve back and forth. It seemed to do the trick, and after re-assembling my CJ2A started up (with a little help from a can of ether). I'm back in business now and running my Willys around the township (600 miles driven so far this year). Thanks again for all your help! Best regards."

~ Daniel Spencer

"Prompt delivery and excellent feedback to my questions."

~ Brian Pendleton

"I found my parts easily and they were shipped and received on time. Actually, the parts arrived sooner than expected. Kaiser Willys has always provided me great service."

~ Kyle Grey

"Quality parts, fast service and shipping. Will be doing more business with Kaiser Willys during my CJ-5 restore."

~ Dan Kelso

"This was my first order from Kaiser Willys. Very impressed with the fast shipping and great service. I'll be back."

~ Dave Theisen

"Great Service! So far you have provided everything my 1956 Willys CJ-5 has needed."

~ Raymond Frizzell

"I have ordered several times personally and have been very pleased, also the shop that has had my Willys restoring different aspects of it over time has always been pleased with the service and the quality of parts. Thank you Kaiser Willys keep up the Great work."

~ James F Parker

"Exactly as described. Fast shipping, looks very nice & came undamaged. Thank you so very much."

~ Mike Roe

"KW is the only “go-to” place for anything Willys. After two dating back to the ‘60’s, we’re all just very fortunate to have you in our lives. Thank you."

~ MJ

"After many orders, your service still impresses. This project is over the hump now and still have another to go. You can be sure parts I need will come from you."

~ Michael Click

"Excellent service and assistance. I have lost count on how many orders I've placed in fixing up my 1952 M38...and I have plenty more to do. Being my 1st Jeep and being 75, it’s a lot of fun. Keeps me learning and playing. You all are a great source of information and I’m depending on much of your knowledge to be able to complete this project. Thank you. PS the wife says thanks for the candy. Lol"

~ Larry W Peterson

"Kaiser Willys is frankly the only place I go for parts for my CJ2A. Fair pricing, exemplary service. Can’t beat that!"

~ Al Andrews

"This company is great. Called and had a few questions and they were answered. The shipment arrived in 2 days. What else could you ask for?"

~ Andrew F Small

"The only thing better than Kaiser Willys parts is the friendly, professional and fast technical assistance. No question is too silly and no matter what I asked, I was always treated with the utmost respect. Kaiser turned me from a scared, inexperienced novice into a confident I-can-do-it Jeep enthusiast. Thank you!"

~ Frank Zoellinger

"Every time I have a question about anything Jeep, Kaiser Willys is there with either Youtube videos, or their awesome Q&A on their parts list online. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work."

~ Austin Sonmore

"Hey there, my names Scott R.Henderson and I would like to take this time and say I wouldn't be able to fulfill my dream of rebuilding a military Willys without Kaiser Willys. I purchased a 1951 navy CJ-3A a few months back, and without a shadow of a doubt, this priceless piece of American history would not be running if it wasn't for Kaiser Willys. Pretty much anything and everything I need for my Willys is available and the customer service is "spot on" in my opinion. Every part put on this beauty has been of the highest quality and every part has been ordered from Kaiser Willys. My recommendation level of this company is 10 out of 10. Me and my father are having a blast wrenching on the Willys together and that's all that matters. For that I thank you!"

~ Scott Robert Henderson

"They have always had what we needed for our '51 Wagon!  Quick shipping, great customer service too."

~ Cindy Chissus

"I can always count on Kaiser Willys to find items that no one else has."

~ Dennis Humbert

"I love Kaiser Willys! They are the best of the best for quality parts and accessories."

~ Ike Berkley

"Kaiser Willys Auto Supply is my absolute favorite store to purchase Willys parts from. The staff is always helpful, my order always arrives in the mail very fast. All around A+ !"

~ Jon Smith II

"My 1st Willys project, '48 CJ-2A frame off restoration. Kaiser Willys has made this experience so much easier and more enjoyable than I first anticipated.  Friendly service, quick online replies and great advice!"

~ Matt Mayer

"I recently aquired a '47 CJ-2A from my uncle that was my grandfather's. It was in pretty bad shape due to sitting outside for 20 years and I am so excited to get it up and going again and love that this site is here for all my parts needs and info. The site is very user friendly. Thanks and I look forward to purchasing lots of stuff."

~ Nick Cornett

"Kaiser Willys has been with me throughout my entire MB restoration project.  Availability and prices on parts are outstanding. Shipping is quick and easy. Most important to me, the staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable."

~ Peter Matthew

"I have a 1949 Willys CJ-3A. I have purchased several items to be replaced on my Jeep through the catalog, with each purchase I made the company was so helpful and the products are terrific along with the customer service."

~ Philip Coleman

"I love my Willys and I love this website. The website is really easy to navigate, and customer service is very helpful."

~ Robert Martin

"Kaiser Willys has helped me out from parts to their knowledge, and I couldn't have rebuilt my 1953 CJ-3B from the frame up with out the help of the Kaiser Willys boys."

~ Robert Gunter

"I have been dealing with KWAS for about a year now.  They may need to expand their offering because it seems I've purchased one of everything that's available.  I will say they have been very helpful with answering product questions as well as providing some guidance on how to install parts.  Thank you all for being there to help us all keep these little pieces of history running.  Happy Holidays!"

~ Steven Lee

"Kaiser Willys has always had some of the best parts and the way their parts are packaged is second to none. I've only had to return one item in all the parts I bought and that was not a problem. They are always willing to help when I call with a question and I don't know how I would have done my restoration without their how-to videos."

~ Wilbert Harrington

"I have been using Kaiser Willys for about the past three years now and am absolutely blown away with the ease of use on the site and the availability of parts is incomparable."

~ Wyatt Cole