Fuel - Service Standards Utility Vehicles

Float Circuit

The float circuit, Fig. 131, consists of a float, float pin, air horn gasket and the needle and seat assembly. These parts control the fuel level in the carburetor bowl, a supply being maintained for all circuits under all operating conditions. To prevent float vibration from affectiFJ.g the- fuel level, the inlet or float valve is spring loaded. Should the needle and seat become worn, they must be re­placed with a matched set, including the spring, which is the only way they are supplied. When reinstalling the float be sure to install the float pin with the stop shoulder on the side away from the bore of the carburetor. 

Float Adjustment

The float level must be accurately set to insure accurate metering of fuel in both the low and high speed jets. To set the float level remove the bowl cover assembly and invert it as shown in Fig. 132, Remove the bowl cover gasket and allow the weight of the float to rest on the needle and spring. A. Clearance is 5/16" [7,93 mm.] for YF-951SA carburetor

Carter YF-2467S (See Mike On)

YF-2467S is so similar to the Carter YF carburetor that no difficulty should be experienced with the disassembly, assembly or adjustment, if the in­structions for the YF carburetor starting with Par. F-3 are followed.