Ivory Steering Wheel
Fits 50-64 Truck, Station Wagon, Jeepster

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Ivory Steering Wheel
Fits 50-64 Truck, Station Wagon, Jeepster
New Steering Wheel

Brand new authentic reproduction ivory steering wheel. Replaces cracked, discolored wheels and mounts just like original. Highest quality available!! For horn button with 3-3/16" hole like orignal.

50-64 Truck
50-64 Station Wagon
50-51 Jeepster
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Questions: What is the difference between the ivory steering wheel for the 48-49 trucks and the one for the 50-64 trucks? I’m wondering if it’s shaft diameter and spline count because I’m using a different steering column for upgraded steering but retaining stock appearance. If you could tell me the shaft diameters, I can decide which would be a better choice. Thank you.
Question By: Craig Conner on Oct 18 2020 4:03 PM
The way the horn mechanism works is different they are designed to take a different set up.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Oct 20 2020 5:35 AM
Questions: will this fit a 49 truck if not which one will thanks
Question By: Chester A Gilliam on Aug 16 2020 3:38 AM
645268 is the earlier steering wheel.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Aug 17 2020 5:49 AM
Questions: Would I be able to use this on my 72 commando ?
Question By: Ted on Feb 20 2020 6:31 AM
It may be possible by modifying the splines.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Feb 20 2020 5:33 AM
Questions: Where can I buy a black steering wheel like this?
Question By: Jeff on Aug 26 2017 10:17 AM
Try number - 920206. Thanks!
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Aug 28 2017 11:20 AM
Questions: As would I am a large size person I find it very uncomfortable to have such a large steering wheel poking me in my belly. Is there any smaller diameter steering wheel around that would work where the willys emblem would still work in the center of the wheel?
Question By: Anonymous on Jan 1 1970 12:00 AM
These are the original size. The problem is if you change to a smaller steering wheel you loose all your leverage to steer the vehicle. This realy is your best bet.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Apr 22 2013 12:00 AM