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Complete Front Floor Pan with Welded Braces
Fits 55-69 CJ-5

Part # 989291

New Complete One-Piece Construction Front Floor Pan with All Proper Welded Bracing and Toe Board Supports.

Proper wood bracing included where original. Covers entire front floor board from firewall to rear riser. Painted in primer.

55-69 CJ-5


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I have a 1956 cj5 but it also has the tool box on the passenger side, what would I have to do to keep that with this replacement floor pan?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We have the tool bins too. They were originally spot welded onto this floor pan.

Can you send a picture of what the bottom looks like? I have a 1960 CJ5 that someone has not repaired too well in the past and I need to see if there are any other braces I might need to order.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Its complete with braces all welded up. See part number: SHTMTL-57R and SHTMTL-58R as well as: 765489

does item# 989291 include hat channels?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Yes, they are all welded into place.

I have a 59 Willys jeep. the front floor pan I have has 3 bolt in pieces over the transmission and pedals. can I order just those 3 pieces or is that not an option any more? the floor pans are in decent shape and really don't want to replace them if I don't have to but those 3 pieces were removed and left in the weather.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
The large bolt out panel is not available by itself new but we could possibly help you with good used. Please email

Hi, I need to know, Is the the large transmission cover removable on this item? On mine the cover comprises of three pieces plus the two smaller pieces that cover the selector levers.It's difficult to see in the picture because its blurry, also i don't see any holes for the brake and clutch or the steering. Can you enlighten me? Thanks, Phil

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Yes, that is correct, it will have the large bolt out panel in the center.

Is the center panel available separately?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
The large bolt out panel on the CJ-5 is used only. We do have just the transmission cover panel part number: 688966

Assuming this is an MD Juan part, are there any fitment modifications made to it or is it as is?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
They fit really well. It is a drop in panel in place of your old panel.

How does this attach to the front side panels? If the original panels are pretty rusted themselves, does it make any sense trying to attach a new front floor panel to them? Or do I really need to get new front side panels, too? Reason I ask is that a body shop guy, after looking at my '61 CJ5, said the key in getting a new floor panel is whether there would be anything to attach it to given the rust.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
They are welded in place. This is a complete weld in panel. You'll weld to the side panels themselves.

My 1963 CJ5 has a floor pan made of several bolted on parts, this one says its one piece. Do you have a direct replacement that is the same as the original and not a "stamped out" replication so that my restoration is more true to the original build?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
This has the proper bolt out stamped center like the original CJ-5 does.

will this fit the 1968 M715 military jeep

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Sorry, This really is for CJ-5 only.

Will this fit a 1970 cj5?

Willys Tech:
The 70-71 takes a different one. We have them. Please call us toll free. We can do it for you.

Does this floor plan mount to the chassis? I have a good tub but with no front floor at all. Will this work on a 67 CJ 5?

Willys Tech:
This is a complete weld in panel with braces. It fits all 1955-75 CJ-5.

Hi,I have a 64 cj-5. The floor angle's up into a firewall all one piece. Is this the same? Thanks

Willys Tech:
Yes it is the complete front floor pan.

will it fit 1956 cj3 how do i know from acj3 and acj5

Willys Tech:
For a CJ-3B is would use part number: 671019

For a 67 CJ5A are the floor braces steel or wooden, if the braces are wooden can I change them out for steel floor braces? Would there be any cutting need to be done to thhe pan for an overdrive as well?

Willys Tech:
They are steel braces with wooden inserts inside of them on the channel.

Does this floor pan take the place of the passenger side tool bin?

Willys Tech:
It goes under it. The floor pan rests on top of it.

What modification are needed to install on a M38A1

Willys Tech:
You really just need to make the well for the gas tank.

Will this also fit a 1962 cj-6? not sure if the front of a cj-6 is the same as a cj-5?

Willys Tech:
Yes it will be correct for the CJ-6

Is this all one piece?

Willys Tech:
Yes this is all complete with wood bracing and everything. The center panel even bolts out just like original.

I need a complete one piece front floor pan for a willys wagon 1954 .

Willys Tech:
We have each floor pan. Please call me toll free. We are more than happy to help out.

what modifications are required on install for m38a1

Willys Tech:
You have to cut out the well for the gas tank. Please call me toll free. Im more than happy to help.
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