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Speedometer Cable Assembly 60"
Fits 41-71 MB, GPW, CJ-2A, 3A, 3B, 5, Commando, FC-150, FC-170

Part # 643797

New Speedometer Cable Assembly

Comes complete with inner and outer cable as well as proper end fittings. Screws in from back of speedometer to transfercase mounted speedometer drive gear. Guaranteed to fit and give a proper reading for all 3-speed four wheel drive vehicles. Measures 60" end to end.

Will work for both 4 cylinder and V6 225 motors.

41-45 MB
41-45 GPW
46-49 CJ-2A
49-53 CJ-3A
53-64 CJ-3B
55-71 CJ-5
67-71 Jeepser Commando
57-64 FC-150
57-64 FC-170

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How tight should the cable be? I keep getting weird “jumps” at various speeds on my speedometer after instal. Wondering if I cranked it down too much?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
There isnt a torque value on either nut. If you haven't oiled the inner cable, please do so. If you are having any further issues please give us a call.

Do you have a speedometer cable for a 1972 T15 transmission and if so what is the part number?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like its something that we carry right now.

I have a 67 CJ5 with a SM420 and a D18 TC. Your description says this works for all 3 speed trannys. Shouldn’t this also work for 4 speeds since it connects to the D18 TC?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech.:
The speedometer goes to the back of the transfer case so as long as that hasn't been changed it should.

I just replaced my speedometer cable on my 65 CJ-5. The one on the vehicle was not working and I found it was busted at the transfer case, I had about an inch and half of twisted cable. When I test drove to see if the speedometer worked, no such luck. could the inner cable on the back of the speedometer cluster be striped out and not able to catch the cable? Or could the speedometer cluster be worn out and need to be replaced? Thanks Don

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
The inner cable could have rounded off. Give us a call and we can help you trouble shoot.

My original cable is 72" long. I'm worried that -12" will be a problem... Is this a question of routing?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Give us a call and we can help.

Any chance this will this work on a 66 CJ5 with L134 motor, dana 18 and with 4 speed t98 transmission?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
You'd have the 4-134 F engine in there but yes it is correct for you.

I have a 1953 Truck with a Chevy 350 and 700R auto trans. Willl any of the speedometer cable work? Thanks for your help.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
If you still have the original transfer case D18 then it would.

Will it fit with a dana 300 tc in a 1960 cj5?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
I would say only if you have the original rear housing for the speedometer cable.

How far does the inner cable go into the speedometer 643797. Does the round stop on the inner cable fit into the end of the speedometer. Doesn't seem like it goes in far enough and doesn't move the speedometer needle when turned. thanks it is the correct cable for speedometer 640131

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Enough to ride on the gear. This inner cable will be the correct length.

Is there a 90° or 45° adapter to speedo cable available to install on the Dana 18 Transfer Case?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
A1515 will have the original fitting.

I have a 1960 CJ5 with 4cyl and a factory overdrive unit. My speedometer cable is longer than 5ft and attaches at the tail end of the overdrive unit. It also has a different end that has no threads and is held into the overdrive with a small tab and a 7/16" bolt. Do I still have the ability to use the 5ft cable and the attach location on the transfer case?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Something is very unoriginal there. Please email to help out.

I have a 1964 gladiator 4wd 3 speed stick, What speedometer cable will work for it?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Please email and we can get more info and help.

I need to replace the speedo cable on my 62 SW with the 226 straight 6. what one is correct for me ?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Yes, that is right 643797A is the same.

I’m running a D18 transfer case And the speedo seems to be getting Transfer Case fluid oggered up through the t-case and leaks are the speedo. The cable I have is the grey shielded one with the 1” barrel but at the t-case. Is this a common issue? Is the cable core wrapped backward? It’s perplexing.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Sounds like your transfer case may be just a bit overfilled or more likely you dont have the vent installed at the top of the housing of the D18 part number: A934 and it s building pressure. They never used a seal there.

I'm replacing a speedo cable that is currently 90% missing altogether. Which end fits in the speedo and which the transfer case. Long Prong goes in which? Hope that makes sense. '47 CJ2a

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
The inner cable should be equalized in the outer cable so equal parts go into each end. When you go to screw it in- you'll see the fittings on each end and their mate.

Are these waterproof?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
I would treat them with a spray waterproofing.

on the hex nut (transfercase) end does it come with gasket, one picture looks like it if not do you have it available

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
No there is no gasket with it. We usually use alittle sealant. But really your fill level is not that high.

This cable seems to be a little too long for my 1965 cj5. The outer cable is fine, but the inner cable seems too long. It will not insert into the speedo head enough to allow the end to catch the threads. I have checked at the trans. and it seems to be inserted as far as it will go, about a half an inch. It just does not insert into the head enough to allow the screw to start. Can the inner cable be trimmed? thanks

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
It is correct. Make sure the inner cable is equalized between both speedo head and transfer case. Call me toll free. Mike M. and we can try to help too.

I'm a little confused. What's the difference between this cable and the $99 cable also shown for this year model range?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
The military cable had a inner tab on the end of the cable. They are not interchangeable with each other for it to function.

Do I need to purchase any additional parts to have the Emergency Brake fully operational or does the kit include absolutely all the parts?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech: See link for full diagram.

How can I easily unfasten the speedometer cable from the transfer case I cannot get any reasonable access to unfasten knurled fastener?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
It just unscrews off. It is standard thread.

which speedometer would you recommend for my 1955 cj5 three speed. I would like it to have gas gauge temp gauge and have lights.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
This should be the one you're looking for: 999845. Thanks

Is the Nippon Seiki speedometer original to the 1949 CJ-3A or is it an aftermarket replacement? I need a speedometer cable for the Nippon Seiki speedometer,but not sure if it works with this model speedometer.

Willys Tech:
This is the proper speedometer cable for the OEM speedometer used.

Where can I find where to route the speedometer cable on a 1950 Jeep

Willys Tech:
Its attaches to the passenger side of the rear of the transfer case just in front of the emergency brake backing plate.

Where does cable fit on transmission ?

Willys Tech:
Its goes to the rear cap of the transfercase.

I have a 43 gpw. will this fit without any adaptors? What about your cable that is 53 1/2 long also listed for this vehicle?

Willys Tech:
This works for the MB/GPW. Also part number: 643799 is just like original.

Will this fit '69 commando original 3 speed manual v6?

Willys Tech:
It should as long as you have a D18 transfercase with a 60 long cable.

I have a 54 willys cj3B and the speedometer cable has a notch on the end that goes into the transfer case. I can't tell but it dose not look like this cable has one. if you know what I need I would appreciate the help.

Willys Tech:
That is because you have a military speedometer cable/transfercase. That style is part number: MSPEEDO - this part 643797 will work for you however. They are interchangable.

I have a T-150 transmission is there a o-ring or a seal that goes between the speedometer cable and the transmission.

Willys Tech:
No, there is no seal to the speedometer cable the rear transfercase bearing cap where it attaches.

My speedometer jiggles erratically around 15 mph at any speed (1947 CJ2A). Is the cable/connection at fault or the speedometer itself?

Willys Tech:
The gear in the transfercase may be worn. I would also check your cable and the speedometer as well.

will this fit the M38A1?

Willys Tech:
They will work ok. The proper part number is: MSPEEDOCABLE for M38 & M38A1

I have a 1969 Jeep CJ5 with V6 engine and 3 speed transmission with single stick Dana transfer case. Is this the correct cable for it? I know it says it is in the description but just want to make sure.

Willys Tech:
Yes this one will be the correct one for you.

Will this speedometer cable work on new guages.

Willys Tech:
Yes it is the proper cable for you.

I have a 1970 CJ5 that someone swapped a SBC and a T-14 3 speed and D20 transfer case from a later Jeep. It was originally a V6 Jeep with a T-14 and D18 transfer case I think. Will this speedometer cable fit my speedometer and d20 transfer case?

Willys Tech:
I think with the D20 they are different.

Does the new cable need to be lubricated or does it come ready to go?

Willys Tech:
They are ready to go but grease never hurts.

Is there a better pic of the speedometer end? Ive got an older Stewart Warner speedo and I want to be sure it fits that and my Dana 18

Willys Tech:
This will for sure fit on your Dana 18. It is to OEM spec. Please call us toll free. We are more than happy to take measurements for you.

I have the cable but the end that goes into the gear is too small. Am I missing a piece?

Willys Tech:
Sounds like your missing the piece on the transfercase. Please call us toll free. We can probably get you fixed up.

will this one fit in a 1952 m38 jeep thanks

Willys Tech:
I would use part number: MSPEEDOCABLE


Willys Tech:
Yes this is the right one for the Willys Station Wagon too.
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