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Steering Gear Box Tube & Worm Gear 41-1/2"
Fits 48-66 CJ-2A, 3A, 3B, 5 (Out of Stock)

Part # 647693

New Steering Gear Box Tube and Worm Gear (1 required per vehicle)

Comes tube and worm gear. Runs from the top of your steering where your steering wheel presses on to the bottom of your gear box. Proper for your early Ross style steering gear box. Measures 41-1/2" in length.

48-49 CJ-2A after serial number # 178631
49-53 CJ-3A
53-64 CJ-3B
55-66 CJ-5

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What is the manufacturer of this part. Is it US made? I’ve heard about worm gears surface issue and cracks on aftermarket parts. I would be more confident if I could get an US made part for such critical system.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
These are not US made. Please give us a call and we can try to assist you.

Does this work for 1970 cj5, with manual steering, also ? If not, do you sell that part for a 1970 cj? Plus all the other parts to rebuild the steering box?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
If yours is the 7/8" sector shaft then yes but typically after 1966 your the 15/16" sector then 807480 which was used more when the V6225 engine was introduced.

do you have one?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
This part will go live as soon as it becomes available.

do you have in stock ? last time i orderd all the parts and you sanded me all the order exept the long steering box part that operates the steering box

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
These are currently not in stock.

Is the worm part of this shaft the same as the one used in the '48-'51 Jeepster with only the shaft length being different? Could the shaft be lengthened and make this work in the Jeepster?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
They are different. Email to help.

i orderd this item and i didnt get it' . i recived the package bud you guys did not send me the most important part the steering gear box that i orderd .

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Email and we can check it and help you.

where can i purchase a steering gear RING part number WO -639103. For a CJ 3A..

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Email to help.

Is there side covers available for the steering box also? Have a '47 CJ2A that I'm starting to restore. Thanks

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Used only. Please email

Which seal is used with the 647693 shaft? For 1962 CJ-5 with Ross box.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Typically you just have the sector shaft oil seal part number: 927645

Do you sell the inner shaft (tube) without the worm gear? I am planning on changing to a Saginaw system using the factory column, but will need to cut it anyway and do not need the gear.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
No, its all one piece so you would have to cut and modify if that is what your doing.

Will this fit a 49 jeepster 2wd

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
No, this is for CJ's only.

I may need this item for my 1948 cj-2a Serial #193431. will this work for my 1948 CJ-2A and is this item currently in stock?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Yes, this is correct and they are in stock.

Where can I get a horn wire tube for a cj3a

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
This kit will provide the wiring for the horn: 802359K. Thanks

Where can I find a sector shaft oil seal for a cj3a?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
This is the seal that goes into the gear box for the sector shaft: 927645. Thanks

Is this NOS? If not, do you have one available? Thanks!

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
These are new. NOS on these is not available.

How do I know if the worm gear is worn?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Check for grooving and discoloration.

Do you have one that will fit in 1971 CJ-5 with the V6?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
That is available used only. Please call us toll free. We can try to help.

I have a cj5 1964 with Steering Gear Box Number Ross T125996, but I need change the Steering Gear box tube & worm . What is the part number for the correct?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
If you are a 1964 - then you should have a 7/8" diameter sector shaft. This is the proper tube and worm gear.

I have a early 60s cj5 with a 15/16 sector shaft is this the worm gear I need? and do you get your measurement from the bottom of the shaft to the bottom of the splines or is it from the bottom to the top of the threads

Willys Tech:
It would have to be a late 60's CJ-5 to have the 15/16 sector shaft. Pre 1965 they all were 7/8. I would double check your measurement. You measure the smooth part of the shaft.

I have a 68 with the big Ross box 41.5 worm gear shaft, 15/16 sector shaft. What is the part number for the correct worm gear shaft. All show for 7/8 box.

Willys Tech:
Sounds like you have a CJ-5. The part number you need is: 938194KA

will this fit a cj-5 with the ROSS big box? my engine is a 225 buick v-6.shaft is 41 1/2 long & is stamped TL 123011 YL. will this also fit the M38A1 ?

Willys Tech:
This is for the 4-134 engines with the 7/8 diameter sector shafts.

steering is sloppy amost half turn before wheels move 49 willys

Willys Tech:
This should solve alot of your problem. Also use part number: 805123

i have a 1948 cj2a the tag on fire wall serial number is 89062 what is the right tube worm gear to use A8838 or 647693

Willys Tech:
I usually dont like to go by serial numbers. Willys seemed to use what ever is lying around on the factory floor with CJ-2A's. The best way is to measure the length. Either 41.5 or 40.5. If yours is 40.5 use the A8838. If yours is 41.5 use this one.
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