Propeller Shafts and Universal Joint Specs - Utility Vehicles

Model: L6-226 4WD, F4-134 4WD L6-226 4x4, F4-134 4x4
Propeller Shaft:
Make Spicer Spicer
Tube Diameter - Front 1 1/4" [3,17 cm.] 1 1/4" [3,17 cm.]
Tube Diameter - Rear 3" [7,62 cm.] 2" [5,08 cm.]
Length - Front 23" [58,42 cm.] 23" [58,42 cm.]
Length - Rear 55 3/4" [141,6 cm.] 42 5/8" [108,26 cm.]
Model: F4-134 L6-226
Propeller Shaft:
Make Spicer Spicer
Tube Diameter 2" [5,08 cm.] 2" [5,08 cm.]
Length 35 3/4 [90,80 cm.] 41 9/16" [105,56 cm.]
Universal Joints All Current Models**  
Make Spicer  
Type Snap Ring**  
Bearings  Needle Rollers**  

** See Par. M-1

The front axle used on Model L6-226 4x2 and late production F4-134 4x2 is of the reverse Elliot type. The steering knuckles are mounted on pivot pins which pass through openings at each end of the I-beam and are locked securely in position by a tapered pin and nut. The knuckles ride on ball thrust bearings for ease of steering. Early production F4-134 4x2 vehicles are supported at the bottom by a "Dow type traverse spring with the second leaf double wrapped at the spring eye for safety, and, at the top by brackets pivoted at the frame. Pivot pins are securely locked in the steering knuckles with tapered pins and the vehicle load is carried on ball bearings for ease of steering. All 4-wheel drive models employ a live driving unit with hypoid type driving gears and spherical steering knuckles mounted on pivot pins which ride on tapered roller bearings for ease of steering. The drive is of the full floating type through axle shafts built integrally with universal joints which revolve in the steering knuckles. On 4-wheel drive models, the steering knuckle tie rod arm is integral with the steering knuckle. On Elliot-type axles, the arm is held securely in a tapered socket with heavy nut and cotter pin. On vehicles with Planar-type suspension, the arm is bolted to the knuckle. The knuckles are connected by a tie rod which is mounted on ball and socket connections. The tie rods are adjustable to secure correct toe-in of the front wheels. A steering connecting rod connects the left knuckle arm with the steering gear arm. On vehicles with Planar-type suspension, an extension of the tie rod, which is built in two parts, is connected directly to the steering gear arm. Camber and caster of the front wheels is preset. Camber cannot be altered but caster can be adjusted by installing caster shims between the axle pad and the springs.