Clutch Service Standards - CJ-2A

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Clutch Pedal Adjustment

The free pedal clearance is adjusted by lengthening or shortening the clutch control lever cable. Correct clearance is 1 1/2" (38,1 mm.). This clearance is essential to disengage the clutch release bearing and prevent unnecessary wear and possible clutch slippage. When adjusted as outlined above there is a safe clearance of approximately 1/16" (1,58 mm.) between the clutch release bearings and the clutch fingers. Correct clearance is 1" [25,4 mm.]. To make this adjustment, loosen lock nut, and unscrew cable to proper adjustment then tighten locknut. Free pedal travel is measured at the clutch pedal pad.  (J-3, p156)

* Learn more about the clutch from the Service Manual for Universal Jeep Vehicles page 156