Clutch Specs - CJ-2A

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Pressure Plate Specs:
Make Auburn
Type Single Dry Plate
No. Springs 3
Spring Pressure @ 1 9/16" 180-195 lbs.
Total Plate Pressure
Driven Plate Specs: 
Make Borg & Beck
Facings Woven-Moulded
Diameter 8 1/2"
Thickness .132" - .138"
Torque Capacity 144 lb-ft.
Clutch Release Bearing Specs: 
Type Sealed Ball Bearing, Prelubricated
Clutch Shaft Bushing Specs: 
Location In Flywheel
Material Bronze Bushing
Size .628" I.D.
Clutch Pedal Adjustment 1 1/2"

* Learn more about the clutch from the Service Manual for Universal Jeep Vehicles page 161