Brake Service Diagnosis - Truck

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Wheel Brake Diagram

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Service Diagnosis: Possible Cause
Brakes Drag Brake shoes improperly adjusted
Piston cups enlarged
Mineral oil or improper brake fluid in system
Improper pedal adjustment
Clogged master cylinder by-pass port
One Brake Drags Brake shoe adjustment incorrect
Brake hose clogged
Return spring broken
Wheel cylinder piston or cups defective
Loose or damaged wheel bearings
Brake Grabs - Vehicle Pulls to One Side Grease or brake fluid on lining
Dirt between lining and drum
Drum scored or rough
Loose wheel bearings
Axle spring clips loose
Brake backing plate loose
Brake lining
Brake shoe reversed
Tires under-inflated
Glazed or worn lining
Restricted brake line
Excessive Pedal Travel Normal lining wear
Lining worn out
Leak in brake line
Scored brake drums
Incorrect brake lining
Air in hydraulic system
Spongy Brake Pedal Air in Lines
Brake shoe adjustment incorrect
Insufficient brake fluid
Excessive Pedal Pressure Grease or brake fluid in lining
Shoes improperly adjusted
Warped brake shoes
Distorted brake drums
Glazed or worn lining
Restricted brake line
Faulty brake cylinder
Insufficient brake fluid
Squeaky Brakes Shoes warped or drums distorted
Lining loose
Dirt imbedded in lining
Improper adjustment
Oil or grease on lining
Glazed or worn lining
Drum scored

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