L6-226 Engine Service Standards - Wagon

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L6-226 Engine Diagram

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It is a six-cylinder L-head engine of 226.2 cubic inch displacement and develops 105 brake horsepower at 3600 rpm. The engine serial number is stamped near the left front corner of the cylinder block above the generator. The same engine serial number is also stamped on an engine plate on early models. This name plate is no longer used.

Engine Removal

a. Drain the cooling system. Follow Par. H-3 in­structions.
b. Remove the hood from the hood hinges; also re­move the radiator stay bars.
c. Remove both the upper and lower radiator hoses. Remove any heater hoses.
d. Remove the fan.
e. Remove the radiator and shroud attaching screws and remove the radiator and shroud.
f. Disconnect the battery negative ground cable.
g. Disconnect wires from: temperature sender, oil pressure sender, starter, generator, coil, and second­ary at distributor.
h. Remove the air cleaner.
i. Disconnect accelerator pedal linkage from bell­crank.
j. Disconnect vacuum line from wiper motor.
k. Disconnect fuel line from fuel pump and plug.

* Excerpt from the Service Manual for Jeep Utility Vehicles page 25