1948-1951 Jeepster General Specs

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Technical Specifications

Willys Jeepster Illustration

Length: (overall)
174.8” (4,43 m.)
Width: (overall)
69“ (175,26 cm.)
Height: (overall)
62” (157,48 cm.)
Tire Size:
(4-cylinder) - 5.90 x 15
(6-cylinder) - 6.70 x 15
Electrical: 6 Volt

3 speed T-96
Transfer Case:
2 Speed Dana 18
Front Axle:
Planar Suspension
(one leaf spring in front)
Rear Axle: Dana 23
104” (205,74 cm.)
Other: 2 Piece Windshield
4-134 L Head Motor "Go-Devil Motor (463):
1948-1949 Jeepster
6-148 "Lightning" L Head Motor: 1948 Jeepster
4-134 F Head Motor (473):
1950-'51 Jeepster
6-161 "Lightning" F Head Motor: 1950-1951 Jeepster

Serial Number Location(s):
Behind glovebox on inside of firewall.
Engine Number Location:
Stamped on a outcropping (boss) on the right front of the engine block behind the water pump.

Vehicle Identification

Main Identifying Characteristics:

Flat fenders, split windshield, single leaf spring, 104" wheelbase. Jeepsters came in 2WD only.

Model Differences by Year:

1948 - small glass rear window, "T" bar grille trim. 1949 - rear window enlarged and made of plastic instead of glass. 1950 - rear bumper stamped "Willys", restyled grille, fenders, and front hood. 1951 - unsold 1950 models were retitled as 1951 models, with some 1951 models assembled from left over parts.

Willys Jeepster Detailed Views

Willys Jeepster Detailed Views

Willys Jeepster Detailed Views