Fuel Specs - CJ-3A

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Fuel System Diagram

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Fuel Tank Specs:
Capacity 10 1/2 gals.
Location Under Drivers Seat
Fuel Pump Specs:
Make AC
Model (CJ-3A) 1539353
Pressure (CJ-3A) 2 1/2 - 3 3/4 lbs.
Carburetor Specs:
Model Carter
CJ-3A 636SA
Flange 1"
Primary Venturi 11/32"
Main Venturi 1"
Float Setting 3/8"
Fuel Intake Needle Seat No. 53 Drill
Low Speed Jet Tube .029"
Idle Well Jet No. 61 Drill
Idle Screw Seat No. 46 Drill
Main Nozzle Discharge Jet .096"
Metering Rod: No. 75-547:
Jet Size .070"
Setting Gauge T-109-26
Accelerating Pump Specs:
Discharge Jet No. 73 Drill
Intake Ball Check No. 40 Drill
Discharge Check No. 40 Drill
Relief Passage No. 42 Drill
Stroke 17/64"
Stroke Setting Gauge T-109-117C
Air Cleaner Specs:
Make Oakes-Donaldson
Model 613300 E653
Type Oil Bath
Oil Capacity 1 1/4 pts.

* Learn about the fuel system from the Service Manual for Universal Jeep Vehicles page 111