Dana 44 Rear Axle Service Diagnosis - M38

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Willys M38 Rear Axle

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Symptoms: Possible Remedy:
Axle Noisy on Pull and Coast:
Excessive back lash bevel gear and pinion Adjust
End play pinion shaft Adjust
Worn pinion shaft bearing Replace
Pinion set too deep in bevel gear Adjust
Pinion and bevel gear too tight Adjust
Wrong lubricant being used (Powr-Lok Differential) See "Differential Chatter" under "Trouble Shooting Powr-Lok" in this section
Axle Noisy on Pull:
Pinion and bevel gear improperly adjusted Adjust
Pinion bearings rough Replace
Pinion bearings loose Adjust
Axle Noisy on Coast:
Excessive back lash in bevel gear and pinion Adjust
End play in pinion shaft Adjust
Improper tooth contact Adjust
Rough bearings Replace
Back Lash:
Worn differential pinion gear washers Replace
Excessive back lash in bevel gear and pinion Adjust
Worn universal joints Replace

* Learn more about the Dana 44 rear axle from the Master Parts List Manual for 50-52 M38