Lubrication Service Standards - CJ-3B

Lubrication Service Standards

Lubricant Base

Sodium base lubricants are used at the factory for initial fill of the wheel bearings, front axle shaft universal joints, and propeller shaft universal joints. Because mixing of sodium base and lithium base lubricants results in a thinned-out mixture that can bleed through seals, always use sodium base wheel bearing and universal joint lubricants on "Jeep" vehicles. (B-3, page 9).

Initial Lubrication

(For All vehicles - after engine rebuild) - When a new vehicle is placed in service or an engine is overhauled, the engine oil should be changed after the first 500 miles of operation and again after an additional 1500 miles. The oil filter should be cleaned and the element replaced after the first 2000 miles of operation. Under no conditions should an oil heavier than SAE 20W be used during the summer or SAE 10W during the winter for the first 500 miles when an engine is new or has been rebuilt. (B-6, page 13)

Front Axle Shaft Universal Joints and King Pin Bearings

All 4-wheel drive front axle shaft universal joints and the front axle king pin bearings are enclosed in the steering knuckle housings. Check the lubricant level in the housings each 1000 miles to maintain it at fill plug level. Once each year or at each 12,000 miles, remove the shafts. Thoroughly clean the universal joints and housings and refill the housings with universal joint lubricant. Use No. 1 for summer and No. 0 for winter. (B-11, p 13)

Steering Gear

Check the lubricant level in the steering gear housing at each 1000 miles to be sure that the lubricant is at filler plug opening level.

Front Wheel Bearings

Seasonally, or at each 6000 miles, remove the front wheels and repack the bearings with wheel bearing grease. Work the grease into the cage holding the rollers. (B-13, p 14)

Rear Wheel Bearings

The rear wheel bearings are equipped with lubrication fittings with a vent opening through the housings above each fitting. Lubricate each 1000 miles. (B-14, p 14)

3-Speed Transmission and Transfer Case

Drain and refill both housings every 10,000 miles. (B-15, p14)


The distributor shaft is lubricated through an oiler mounted on the side of the housing. Place three or four drops of light engine oil in the oiler each 1000 miles. (B-20, p 14)


Oilers are provided at each end of the generator. Place two to four drops of light engine oil in each oiler every 1000 miles. (B-21, p14)

Oil Filter

Clean the oil filter and replace the element at each 6000 miles of normal vehicle use. (B-22, p 14)

Oil Bath Air Cleaner

Model CJ-3B - (image on p 15) - This type cleaner thoroughly removes all dust from the air before it enters the carburetor. When dirt is not noticeable in the air, service the air cleaner each 2000 miles. Whever the air is noticeably dusty, then service the air cleaner more frequently. (B-23, p 14-15)

Oil Bath Air Cleaner

Speedometer Cable

Remove the speedometer cable from the tube every 12,000 miles. Clean it thoroughly and coat it with a good quality light graphite grease. (B-26, p 16)

Clutch Linkage

Lubricate all friction points of the clutch linkage every 1000 miles. Use the same grade of engine oil as used for the engine. (B-28, p 16)

Brake Master Cylinder

Check the fluid level in the brake master cylinder every 1000 miles. Replenish the brake fluid to a level 1/2" below the top of the fill hole. (B-31, p 16)

Cooling System

The cooling system should be flushed twice a year and checked for leaks.

* Exerpt from the Service Manual for Universal Jeep Vehicles - Page 10