Cooling System Specs - CJ-5

Water Pump Illustration

Cooling System Specs:
Radiator Cap Location: Under Hood
Relief Valve Pressure:  7 psi.
Vacuum Valve Release 1/2 to 1 psi.
Circulation Thermostat Specs:
Type Choke
Standard: Starts to Open  165° F.
Standard: Fully Open  188° F.
Optional High Temperature Starts to Open:  180° F.
Fully Open:  202° F.
Water Pump Specs:
Type Centrifugal
Drive V-Belt
Bearing Ball
Radiator Specs:
Type-Model  Tube & Fin
Cooling System Capacity Specs:
Without heater 11 qt.
With heater 12 qt.
Fan Specs:
Number of blades 4
Spacing 90°
Diameter 15"
Ratio Fan-to-Crankshaft:  1.19 to 1
Bearing Water Pump
Drive Belt Angle of V:  38°
Length:  42 5/8"
Width: 11/16"

* Learn more about cooling from the Service Manual for Universal Jeep Vehicles page 120