Exhaust Service Diagnosis - CJ-5

Exhaust Illustration

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Overheating: Possible Solution:
Lack of coolant Refill radiator
Thermostat inoperative Replace
Water pump inoperative Overhaul or replace
Incorrect ignition or valve timing Set timing
Excessive piston blowby Check pistons, rings and cylinder walls
Fan belt broken Replace
Radiator clogged Reverse flush
Air passages in core clogged Clean with water and air pressure
Excessive carbon formation Remove
Muffler clogged or bent exhaust pipe Replace
Loss of Cooling Liquid: Possible Solution:
Loose hose connections Tighten
Damaged hose Replace
Leaking water pump Replace
Leak in radiator Remove and repair
Leaky cylinder head gasket Replace
Crack in cylinder block or cylinder head Small crack can be closed with Radiator Scaler

* Excerpt from the Service Manual for Universal Jeep Vehicles page 110