Steering Specs - CJ-5

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Steering System Diagram

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Steering Gear Specs:
Make Ross
Type Cam and lever
Model T-12
Ratio 14-12-14 to 1
Ratio 14-12-14 to 1
Cam-Upper Ball
Cam-Lower Ball
Lever Shaft Bushing
Steering Column-Upper Ball
Lever Shaft:
Clearance to Bushing .0005" to .0025"
End Play .000"
Lash at Cam (Straight Ahead) Slight Drag
Wheel Diameter 17 1/4"
Wheel Turns 2.58
Steering Geometry Specs:
King Pin Inclination 7 1/2"
Toe-In 3/64" to 3/32"
Camber (All CJ Models) 1 1/2"
Turning Angle:
CJ Models 23° or 27 1/2°
Turning Radius with 23° Angle:
CJ-5 19' 6"
Turning Radius with 27 1/2° Angle:
CJ-5 17' 6"
Outside Wheel Angle with Inside Wheel at 20°:
Jeep' Universal 20°

* Learn more about steering from the Service Manual for Universal Jeep Vehicles page 222