Dana 18 Transfer Case Service Standards - CJ-6

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Dana 18 Transfer Case Diagram

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Transfer Case

The transfer case is essentially a two-speed trans­mission located at the rear of the standard trans­mission which provides a low and direct gear. It also provides a means of connecting the power to the front axle. Transfer case gears are controlled by the driver through one rod and lever in the cab which provides two- or four-wheel drive and also a high and low gear. The shift lever to the extreme rear provides 2-wheel drive by disengaging all drive to the front wheels. First position forward provides high-range 4-wheel drive. Second position forward (neutral) disengages all power to the wheels and is used primarily to provide the neutral setting necessary for the use of power take-off equipment when the vehicle is stationary. The extreme forward position provides low-range 4-wheel drive. (K-17, p178)

Transfer Case Assembly

The installation of the assembly in the vehicle is the reverse of the removal operation covered in Par. K-5. Lubricate the pilot bearing in the flywheel and also lubricate the transmission and transfer case as out­lined in the "Lubrication Section". Be sure that the clutch pedal has 1" [25,4 cm.] free travel as outlined in the "Clutch Section". (K-23, p181)

* Excerpt from the Service Manual for Universal Jeep Vehicles pages 178, 181