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Complete Transmission Assembly (4-134 engine)
Fits 46-71 Jeep & Willys with T-90 Transmission

Part # 946109

Complete Transmission Assembly


Everything you need to completely redo your entire transmission already assembled Kit includes all New gears, shafts, bearings, syncronizer, snap rings, thrust washers, & roller bearings. Its complete and already assembled. Just drop it in! Its even assembled here in the USA!!! Ordiginal housings are used for proper stamping.

Helpful Guides and Illustrations:
Replacement Instructions

T-90 Transmission with 4-134 engine

46-49 CJ-2A
49-53 CJ-3A
53-64 CJ-3B
55-71 CJ-5
50-52 M38
52-66 M38A1
46-53 Truck
46-53 Station Wagon

Please allow 5-6 weeks for us to ship these out from time of order

-A fully prepaid return label will be included in the box.
-Just put your COMPLETE undamaged transmission assembly with all internals in the same box we send you and return your old core.
-As soon as we get it back we will refund you back the $300 core fee.
-Please make sure to package it properly to prevent damage.

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Do you ship the T90 to Puerto Rico?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We do, email for a quote.

Do you guys carry the T90 C tranny with the 3.33:1 first gear ratio?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We can do the later style yes. Email to help.

I see you have a 5-6 week delay on shipping this transmission. Would me shipping my core back to you now reduce the wait time?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Unfortunately, no it would not speed up the process. Give us a call to discuss.

i have a 1948 2wd willys truck three speed on the tree . are there any differences between mine and other vehicles with the t90

Willys Jeep Parts Tech.:
Yes, we can help you with any parts you need. Most are the same.

I have a 1951 willys jeep it doesn't have engine or transmition can I still perchess this with out a core and will the price change

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
You sure can but you just wouldn't get a refund for the core fee. Thanks

What do I use for T90 transmission fluid and transfer case fluid?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
80/90 weight straight GL-4 non synthetic.

I’m looking to completely overhaul my tranny/transfer case and am looking to also upgrade to an overdrive. I even saw you recommend mating everything then putting it under the keep and am hoping if I ordered the whole package would you guys send it already mated for me the tranny transfer case and overdrive

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Please call us toll free and we can help with this. Thanks!

I'm ready to assemble the engine, transmission and transfer case on my M38 frame. What is the best order to assemble the three components?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
I would put the transmission and transfer case together on the bench then mount once the engine is in place.

Does it include the shifter assembly tower?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
No that is separate but we can help you with new.

Hi, what will be the shipping cost an tax/customs for delivery to southern Germany. Thx Armin.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Please email your full shipping address and the part numbers and quantities you need and we can quote you out. Thanks!

I just installed the rebuilt T90A transmission that I bought from Kaiser Willys into my 1954 CJ3B. The engine however is an F head from a 1958 M38A1. I am having an issue with the transmission mount (638629k). The bolts on the mount don't line up with the holes on the transmission. Did I buy the wrong transmission mount?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Sounds like you are missing your original spacer stepped thick spacer plate that went between the T90 and the mount. Please email and we can try to help you.
Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Sounds like you are missing your original stepped spacer plate that went between the T90 and the transmission mount. Email

Can you make the front upper seat cushion thinner, say two inches?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We can help out. Please call us toll free and we can fix you up. Ask for Mike M.

Which do I need for a 1953 Aero Falcon Column shift with a 161 ?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
That would be used only for the Aero. Please email and we can try to help.

Do these come with a sealed or open front bearing?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We use a shielded front bearing with the kits as well as in the rear.

what kind of warranty is offered with this transmission

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We offer a 1 year warranty on. Please call us toll free and ask for Mike M. Happy to help.

Do you have a transmission in stock? And is this included in the sale this week?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Yes, they ship out in just a few days and are included.

I cannot tell from the picture but will I need to purchase the felt front seal? or is included?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We use an upgraded neoprene front seal in these.

We received the rebuilt t-90 beautiful work. :) However, when bolting back to the transfer case, the shaft no longer rotates. I am wondering if he has the transfer case engaged or something else. Thanks! Peer

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
It may be. Please email and i can help you troubleshoot.

What is the recommended fluid for this tranny and transfer case?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
90 Weight non-synthetic.

So, this is an almost complete transmission that can be dropped in. Is there a core charge? Do we send the old T-90 back?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Please see above at item description. Yes, there is a core fee that is fully refundable. They come as shown all assembled ready for install as well. Thanks!

What is the ratio for first gear? 3.33 or 2.79?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
2.79 is what it typically is.

Does this kit include all the gaskets needed for installation? If not, what gaskets are needed?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
yes it will have the mating gaskets with it to the D18 transfer case.

Can you ship rebuild parts to New Zealand? I have a 1946 - 1972 t90 3 speed manual with 8" length case, what input shaft length and teeth number do I need for that transmission?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We ship daily UPS and USPS international. I would need more vehicle info to help. Please email

I have a T-90 Transmission but the engine I took out of the 1953 Willys truck was actually a '49 Desoto engine. How do I identify if the transmission was for a 134 or 226? Are there numbers or markings to tell me which one it was intended for? Or are they the same. I see y'all sell two types. Mine is a T-90 that is stamped on the outside.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
If you measure the length of our input shaft will tell us. Call me toll free. Ask for Mike M. Happy to help.

what type of shipping fee is there to Fairbanks, Alaska

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Please email your full shipping address and we can quote you out the shipping rate. Thanks!

Would t6he T90 Side shift come with a sealed front bearing? Or could it?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
No, it didn't originally have a sealed bearing.

Are these T90 Trans fully synchronized, including first gear? And we're they originally?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
They never were originally. Only 2nd/3rd gear are in the Willys T90 transmission.

What types of motors will bolt up to the housing on a 46 willys jeeps transmission

Willys Tech:
The 4-134 L & F engine.

will this T- 90 trans. work for 225 V-6 on a 66 cj-5 ? thats what I have in it now .

Willys Tech:
We can make you one that will be compatible. Please call us toll free.

Do you have a rebuild kit for the t 90 side shift that would include the shift forks. Also do you carry a t90 side shift rebuilt complete that I could purchase? If so how your site and your customer service in answering questions

Willys Tech:
We should be able to make you a kit no problem and do have complete rebuilt side shift transmissions as well. Please call us toll free and we can fix you up.

I have what I think to be a 1962 M151 with the ford 4cyl engine with a 4 speed trany. I have reverse gears striped in the tranty. Your guy offered up a rebuilt 1991A, 3 speed. I ask if this will interchange. I have not got a reply.

Willys Tech:
I do not beleive these will interchange out with out an adapter of some sort.

Is there a taller gear ratio offered with this kit?

Willys Tech:
They really only ever had one option.

does the t-90 come with the shifter and gasket for the transfer case? its not in the picture.thanks ,scott

Willys Tech:
The shifter is separate. We have new ones available or we have parts to rebuild your old one too.
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