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Horn Button Repair Kit
Fits 41-45 MB, GPW

Part # A6742

New Replacement Horn Button Kit

Comes complete with new rubber button, specialty, brass disc, wiring, and small parts. Includes all the wiring needed to run down your steering tube and worm gear to the brass contact.

41-45 MB
41-45 GPW

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Is this one a 13/16ths nut as my cja2 has that size on it wanted to know if this will work plus what steering wheel do I need for this one

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Yes, that is correct.

Will this horn assembly work on a 55 Willys?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
This fits for the vehicles that are listed.

Was this style horn button ever used on a 1948 CJ-2A? This looks like what we have, but again that model is not listed for this kit.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Very early CJ-2A's used it as well.

How does the old horn button come out? Mine does not seem to wast to budge.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Once you remove the nut, the button should come out. Email to help.

Can I buy only the wiring set without the horn button and nut?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Sorry, it only comes as a kit.

Where does the wire come out of the steering column on a '61 CJ-3B? The "button" and wire were missing from mine when I got the Willys. When I push the wire down the center of the steering column, it binds when about 90% of the way in, and is covered with grease when I pull it back out.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
The wire on a CJ-3B come out the bottom of the steering gear box itself. It goes the worm gear into the bottom guide and out to horn.

Hi do you sell just the nut or only the complete kit?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Sorry, we only get these in as a kit for the Willys MB.

I have a CJ2A but I've cloned to an MB and have the 17" MB wire wheel. Will this kit work? Or do I need the other one for the CJ2A?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
The A6742 will work just fine for you.

Did this switch go in the steering wheel in the MB too? Could it be installed in the dash too? Does it work for siren as well or would that be a different switch?

Willys Tech:
This is for the MB/GPW on your steering wheel like original. If you have a siren that would be something separate.

Hi-I bought the master horn repair kit, but when I inspect my steering column and box, there is neither a hole in the bottom plate for the wire to come out, nor can I find a place on the column where a wiper contact is located?? Box and column appear stock and I can see a wire that has been cut-off when I look down the steering shaft with a flashlight from the steering wheel end. Where is the normal location for the wiper bushing hole in the column? If I pull on the wire should it come out?

Willys Tech:
The wire on this should come out above the gear box thru a hole and you use part numbers: A302 & A302B

Does the horn repair kit work with 12 volt?

Willys Tech:
Yes, it should work fine.
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