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Original Reproductin Parking Light Socket (less wire)
Fits 46-53 CJ-2A, 3A

Part # 641609

Original Reproduction Parking Light Socket

Direct replacement for your parking light. Plugs directly into your early style recessed grill to accept your parking light bulb. Exact reproductions of the originals and a sure fit.

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125588 - 6V
127934 - 12V

2 required per vehicle.

46-49 CJ-2A
49-53 CJ-3A

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How do I fit the new replacement parking light socket, part number 641609, into the grill, part number 668124? Is there a video clip available on YouTube?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We will have a video at some point, but you will put the wiring through and the solder on the socket from the front side.

I 'm having a time with this parking light socket that i purchased from you , trying to hold it in and push hard enough from back side thru hole and put 6 volt bulb in from front side it will not go far enough in hole so i can push light bulb in far enough for connection. Spring is working on socket any ideas? Broken these 6 volt bulbs in process! 1948 Willys CJ2A Thank you

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
It is spring loaded for sure and will be under some tension to hold in place.

How do you plug the wire into parking light socket??

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
You have to solder them on. Thanks

My grill was modified for different parking lights. What is the correct diameter for 641609?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
7/16" is diameter of hole it goes into.

I have a '48 CJ2A, it was converted to 12 volt, I want to use parking lights as turn signals as well and get rid of the big fender lights that are on it currently. Will just changing the bulbs do it provided the wiring is run from the switch to the sockets?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
As long as you have a dual lead and dual filament bulb it should function for turn signal.

How do you wire this into the harness? Does this need to be soldered onto a wire? Is there a "plug" on the harness?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Yes, you run the wire thru the center and solder.

the recessed whole in my 1947 grill is too large for part number 641609. what else do i need?

Willys Tech:
Sounds like you have the early style grill that takes the recessed parking light assembly that mounts behind the grille on the shelf just below the opening. Or someone drilled your hole out.

Does it only need this unit for a CJ 2a 1948 model? does it need a cup or anything else, I only have the grill and the lense and the bezel.

Willys Tech:
This is required if you have protruding style parking lights. This just pops right into the dimple in the grille.

I have a 1946 CJ2A . the grill has a slight depression for flush mounting parking lights rather than recessed. What are the exact parts I would need to install new parking lights into this for both turn signal and parking lights?

Willys Tech:
You have a small dimple. Part numbers: 641609, 641555 & 641556 would take care of it for you.

Does this include the little spring inside and the wire tip that together provide tension to the connector on the rear of the bulb? If not, where can the spring and tip be found?

Willys Tech:
Yes that is in there too.

what bulb does this take.

Willys Tech:
If you are running 12volts the proper bulb is part number: 131282
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