1952-1971 M38A1 General Specs

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Technical Specifications

Willys M38A1

138 5/8” (3,53 cm.)
60 7/8“ (154,94 cm.)
Height: (Top Up):
69 3/4” (177,16 cm.)
(Maximum): 73 3/4" (187,325 cm.)
Tire Size: 7.00-16

Electrical: 24 Volt
3 speed T-90
Transfer Case:
2 Speed Dana 18
Front Axle: Dana 25, 27
Rear Axle: Dana 44
81” (205,74 cm.)
Other: 2-Piece Windshield, 24 Volt Electrical
Engine: 4-134 F Head Motor (475) (All Years)

Serial Number Location(s):
Passengers side of dash (stamped on data plate).
Engine Number Location:
Stamped on a outcropping (boss) on the right front of the engine block behind the water pump.

Vehicle Identification

Main Identifying Characteristics:

Rounded front fenders, 2-piece windshield, top mounted wipers, 24 volt waterproof electrical system, black out lights, rear-mounted spare tire, recessed headlights, large 4 1/2" fuel filler on drivers side, large circular indention on the passenger side body panel for electrical hookup, machine gun mount, battery box on cowl under windshield, glove box located on drivers side dashboard, no tailgate.

Model Differences by Year:

1952-1960 Dana 25, 1961-1971 Dana 27. From 1952-1953 battery box is secured with 8 thumb screws, hinged front grille, freestanding radiator mount, front seam at 45 deg. angle. 1953 the battery box is secured with a latch strap, the grille is fixed with one large bolt at the bottom center, two support rods are added to radiator and firewall, the angled seam is replaced with a vertical seam.

Willys M38A1 Detailed Views