Valve Stem Intake Oil Seal (O-ring)
Fits 50-71 Jeep & Willys with 4-134 F engine

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Valve Stem Intake Oil Seal (O-ring)
Fits 50-71 Jeep & Willys with 4-134 F engine
New Replacement Valve Stem Intake Oil Seal (4 required per vehicle)

Keeps your oil where its supposed to be. Replacement O-ring for intake.

4-134 F engine

53-64 CJ-3B
55-71 CJ-5
52-66 M38A1
50-53 Truck
50-53 Station Wagon
50-51 Jeepster
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Questions: The seals on my motor are metal..are the ones you sell rubber or metal?
Question By: Dave cartledge on Nov 30 2021 10:28 PM
These are the rubber style
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Dec 1 2021 6:33 AM
Questions: Are 4 of these "O" rings included in your valve grind kit?
Question By: Jeff Calloway on Aug 9 2018 4:36 PM
No, but they will come in the engine overhaul gasket set.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Aug 9 2018 10:54 AM
Questions: I have removed the head on my 1952 M-38A1 because of low compression on cylinders 2 & 3. I expected to find a leak between those cylinders in the head gasket but did not find anything there. After removing the head and removing all four intake valves, I find carbon build up on the intake manifold side of the valves. The seating surfaces appear brownish but not pitted of worn noticeably. I did find the o-rings under the caps around the valve stems. I do not understand their purpose. I did not find another seal at the top of the valve guides. I do not find any spec on the "valve guide to valve stem" clearance or any reference to sloppiness of same. What else should I be looking for?
Question By: Cliff Biddick on Mar 7 2018 9:06 PM
There are no other seals there other than those O-rings. It sounds like the issue may be the piston rings. I would take a look at those given you dont seem to have much wear on the valve. I would also check your cold clearances on your valves.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Mar 8 2018 6:09 AM
Questions: Are these in the gasket sets ?
Question By: tom on Jan 1 1970 12:00 AM
These are each. They were only used on the intake.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Jun 18 2014 12:00 AM