Disc Brake Dual Reservoir Master Cylinder Kit
Fits 41-71 MB, GPW, CJ-2A, 3A, 3B, 5, M38, A1

Disc Brake Dual Reservoir Master Cylinder Kit
Fits 41-71 MB, GPW, CJ-2A, 3A, 3B, 5, M38, A1

New Dual Reservoir Master Cylinder Conversion Kit for DISC BRAKES ONLY

This kit is an important safety upgrade from a single reservoir braking system.

The kit includes a dual reservoir master cylinder, mounting brackets, brake light and all required fasteners and instructions.

The proportioning valve has a brake light switch built in the top.

This master cylinder kit is intended to install to your Jeep withouth cutting or grinding. You will need a 3/8" drill bit, a double flare tool, or a buddy with a double flare tool to modify your existing brake lines. You will retain your factory original master cylinder bracket. Its as simple as it gets!!!



Helpful Guides and Illustrations:
Dual Reservoir Conversion Kit - Install Guide
Propotioning Valve - Install Instructions

41-45 MB
41-45 GPW
46-49 CJ-2A
49-53 CJ-3A
53-64 CJ-3B
55-66 CJ-5
50-52 M38
52-66 M38A1

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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Questions: I have completed a disc brake conversion on my front brakes of my CJ2A. My back brakes are stock. Will the master cylinder kit 376896 work for my set-up?
Question By: Stan Long on Dec 8 2022 4:48 PM
Yes, that is the part number you need.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Dec 8 2022 9:20 AM
Questions: Does this kit include the proportioning valve?
Question By: Alexander Love on Jul 5 2022 5:29 PM
Its comes with a fully adjustable one.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jul 5 2022 10:35 AM
Questions: Is it possible just to order the bracket and mounting hardware?
Question By: Peter on Jun 2 2022 9:32 PM
Yes, we can get that set up for you. Just give us a call toll free and we can work a quote up for you. Thanks
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jun 3 2022 12:30 PM
Questions: Is the master cylinder available separately ?
Question By: Sam E. on Apr 26 2022 2:56 AM
Email to help out.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Apr 26 2022 5:28 AM
Questions: Is this the only master cylinder that will work with front disc’s? I purchased a 1968 CJ 5 V6 from my friend who converted to front discs. The vehicle has the original style master cylinder #945556. A proportioning valve and check valve for rear brakes is in line.
Question By: Sam E. on Apr 10 2022 12:58 AM
I would personally use this kit. But a dual res mastery cylinder with a prop valve would work if proportioned correct.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Apr 11 2022 7:20 AM
Questions: Can this master cylinder be used with my old drum brakes, until I convert them over to disc up front? That way I can convert them in stages.
Question By: Mike Goff on Mar 3 2022 6:58 PM
Yes, the prop valve would not really be necessary and you could just plumb it in later.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Mar 3 2022 12:23 PM
Questions: If I need to replace this master in the future can I buy it separately?
Question By: Ian Azzarelli on Nov 18 2021 7:48 AM
Yes, that is not a problem.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Nov 18 2021 5:36 AM
Questions: Dear Gents about a year ago I bought this kit item # 376896 for a Jeep I am reparing but the project got delayed, today I find out that I have the pump but somebody misplaced all the hardware. Question: Do you sell the hardware without the pump?
Question By: Miguel Aparicio- on Aug 16 2021 6:17 PM
Please email to help.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Aug 16 2021 12:24 PM
Questions: Where do you mount the proportioning valve?
Question By: Steve on Apr 28 2021 12:29 PM
Anywhere out of the way. Typically on the frame rail just forward of the master cylinder.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Apr 28 2021 6:36 AM
Questions: Can you guys clarify if I need to cut off my Stock frame master cylinder mounting bracket? It says in the product description above on this page that no cutting is required but the first step in the directions says to cut it off. I have a 1966 CJ5 V6. Doing a dry fit up it looks like it needs to come off to give this new master cylinder enough room to sit square in front of the new bracket. Thanks.
Question By: Grant Kaye on Jun 16 2020 3:34 AM
That is for the very early Willys. Please email and we can help out on any questions.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jun 16 2020 5:53 AM
Questions: I ordered and installed Brake Conversion kit/SKU 376895. Works well. You descrive SKU 376896 as the Master Cylinder for this Kit. However, I have a Jeepster Commando/1967/V6/4WD and that isn't shown on your site as compatible. Will the SKU 376896 match up to 376895?? Thx
Question By: Ronald Huseman on Nov 23 2019 1:55 PM
We dont have a dual reservoir kit for the C101. The master cylinder and prop valve in the kit will work but I dont have a bracket system to mount up the the C101 frame area.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Nov 25 2019 5:32 AM
Questions: Any recommendations or the best place for the proportioning valve on a CJ2A?
Question By: Ross on May 19 2019 4:37 AM
It screws directly into the port on the front of your intake manifold. See our shop by diagram section.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on May 20 2019 5:32 AM
Questions: Do I need residual valves in line or does the mc take care of it along with proportioning valve?
Question By: Walt on Nov 29 2018 3:40 AM
See the link above in the description on the prop valve hook up.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Nov 29 2018 5:35 AM
Questions: I've installed completely new axle assemblies with late model GM truck disc brakes both front and rear. Will this work for me?
Question By: Ross Del Duca on Oct 4 2018 1:02 AM
No, this is for Disc / Drum set up. But we do have a kit for Disc / Disc set up. Please call and ask for Mike M.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Oct 4 2018 5:38 AM
Questions: Is your MC set up with a 2 lb. residual pressure valve or does it need to be added & purchased separately? Thanks
Question By: J.W. Heater on Apr 30 2018 1:46 AM
It comes with a external prop. valve. Keep scrolling thru the photos, we have an image of it as well.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Apr 30 2018 5:59 AM
Questions: On the lid gasket/diaphragm does the flat side of the gasket face down (fluid side) or up (lid side)?
Question By: TIM COONS on Feb 26 2018 6:55 AM
It faces down. Thanks
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Feb 26 2018 5:35 AM
Questions: I have a 68 CJ5 with 10" drum brakes front and rear. I have the dual reservoir master cylinder (stock) now. I am adding later model CJ5 disc brake front axle. will this work or does my current master cylinder work by adding the disc/drum proportioning valve? I am not adding power booster.
Question By: Shawn on Nov 29 2017 4:19 AM
You may be able to add the prop valve with your current set up. The 376896 will work for you too. Email and i can try to help as well.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Nov 29 2017 5:57 AM
Question By: Alexis Heredia on Apr 24 2017 5:29 PM
805223-CJDUAL is for drum / drum brakes or we have a booster kit part number: 805200
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Apr 24 2017 11:31 AM
Questions: I bought this kit and the plunger part is too long. Is there a shorter one? Or, do I need to cut it down? I screwed it all the way in and the body hits the brake pedal, but still needs to come forward about an inch or two.
Question By: Christopher Shaw on Jan 15 2017 5:33 PM
Please call us toll free - we can walk you thru the install. Your plunger is adjustable and we provide the proper parts.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jan 16 2017 5:43 AM
Questions: We bought the disc brake kits for both front and rear of a 61 cj5. got master cyl and porporion valve. doe this need the porp valve with disc on both front and rear?
Question By: daryl bensinger on Dec 29 2016 3:30 PM
Only one prop valve is required. We sell different versions depending if your Disc/Drum or Disc/Disc set up.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Dec 29 2016 8:06 AM
Questions: I have a 46 CJ2a and want to convert front and back to disc. Item 376896 Dual reservoir master cylinder states only for front disc conversions only. Will this work with front and back disc conversion?? Mike
Question By: Mike Speck on Jul 18 2016 9:29 PM
If you order it together we can make it set up for Disc/Disc brakes. Please call us toll free. We are happy to help out with.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jul 19 2016 5:33 AM
Questions: does this kit come with the proportioning valve
Question By: matt on Jul 13 2016 6:34 PM
Yes, you can scroll thru the photos and see it as well and in install instructions.
Answer By: Willys Jeep Parts Tech on Jul 14 2016 5:44 AM
Questions: I have a 1948 CJ 2A Willy's Jeep. I have upgraded to 11 in CJ 5 drum brakes in the front and have the stock 9 in drums in the back. I am using the stock single reservoir master cylinder ... having a little trouble stopping. Will your dual reservoir master cylinder help mean this area?? Thanks for your help.
Question By: kevin on May 31 2016 2:50 AM
Yes, you should be ok with your set up and those brakes you currently have on there.
Answer By: Willys Tech on May 31 2016 5:52 AM
Questions: Will this work if both front and rear axles are converted to disc brakes, or is it only for front disc with rear drum brakes?
Question By: Chris McGinnis on May 29 2016 3:34 PM
This is for a Disc/Drum set up. We can do one at the same price for Disc/Disc set up. Call us toll free.
Answer By: Willys Tech on May 31 2016 5:47 AM
Questions: Does this fit the stock brake switch?
Question By: Anonymous on Apr 18 2012 12:00 AM
Yes you can, you just have to line it in when you make your brake lines.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Apr 19 2012 12:00 AM
Questions: Does this fit in stock location, where single piston cylinder is located?
Question By: Cole on Sep 22 2011 12:00 AM
Yes this fits on the drivers side frame by the brake pedal in the original position.
Answer By: Willys Tech on Sep 22 2011 12:00 AM