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Complete Transmission Assembly (4-134 engine)
Fits 41-45 MB, GPW with T-84 Transmission (Out of Stock)

Part # 848484

Complete Transmission Assembly


Everything you need to completely redo your entire transmission already assembled Kit includes all New gears, shafts, bearings, syncronizer, snap rings, thrust washers, & roller bearings. Its complete and already assembled. Just drop it in! Its even assembled here in the USA!!!

Helpful Guides and Illustrations:
Replacement Instructions

T-84 Transmission with 4-134 engine

41-45 MB
41-45 GPW

Customers old transmission, transfer case and top shifter must be picked up prior to ordering.

Please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery.

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I sent my complete Willy’s MB transmission and transfer case to KWs for a total rebuild, as it would not stay in second, or shift to first / reverse with out stopping and shutting down the ignition. 3 weeks later, i got it back with all new parts, totally re built and re assembled, via air freight ( so normal trucking companies would not damage it in transit) I installed it over the next few days, and have now taken her for a test drive. She shifts perfectly, both up and down, does not leak, shifts easily from a full stop into first or reverse. This is just one more easy step to restoring mt 78 year old girl for another 78 years. Round trip shipping was included, as were all new shafts and gears, and bearings and synchros...what could be better! ,

WIllys Jeep Parts Tech:
Thanks for the positive feedback!!!

I have a 1942 MB with a T-90 Transmission, do I need to turn in a T-84 case to purchase this kit, or can I turn in my T-90

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We will need a T84 from you to rebuild. But we can possibly source one for you. Please email and we can help out. Thanks!

I have a T-84 transmission that I took apart cleaned and was intending to re-build. Now I am leaning to buying on completed. Can I swap all the parts dis-assembled when I purchased the re-built trans?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
If your old transmission has already been dis assembled, that is fine. We will still take as a core.

I just bought a '42 mb and it has a T90 transmission in it. All things equal and working, should I keep this transmission in it or trade it out for a T84? I plan on using the mb for fun and hunting instead of buying a side by side quad.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We can help you out either way. Please call me toll free. Ask for Mike M. Happy to help.

I am looking to purchase this for a friend who is restoring a 1943 Willys in France. Although I am located in California I was wondering if you would be able to ship directly to France and whether you were familiar with the import duties there. Please let me know thanks.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We really need your old T84 in and your Dana 18 transfer case. Email and I can help out.

Which grade of trans/transf case gear lube is best for a 42 GPW? Should I use a GL-4 or a GL-5 80/90 lube. the former owner used GL-5 80/90 thanks.......

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We use a straight GL-4 non synthetic. They are good for yellow metals.

I have a restored 42 Willys MB. Transmission was making noise in 2nd gear. A mechanic sent the transmission to transmission shop and they said they had to build up the main shaft and turn it down. Now it makes severe noise in 3rd gear at all speeds. I complained and they sent the transmission back and said it was normal. I have owned several Willys Jeeps, this does not seem right. I have been out some serious money allready. What do you guys suggest. Thank you, Ralph Todd

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Doesnt sound right to me. Some gear chatter is normal in the transmission and transfer case but from what you write that sounds excessive. Call me toll free. Ask for Mike M. I can try to help out.

Do you have the GPW t84 case as well or are they all MB.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We may be able to source one for you. Please call us toll free.

hi do you ship items to the uk. if you do could you please give me a shipping price for items 937477-34 and 848484 many thank wayne

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Please email your full shipping address and we can help you out.

Does the t-84 and t-90 use the same transfer case ? I just bought an mb frame and motor i put a t-90 trans to the back and its 1 1/2 inches to long if i get a t-84 trans will it work with the transfer case i have ?

Willys Tech:
No, the transfercase between the two are different. T-84 used a 3/4 intermediate shaft and the T90 used either a 1-l/8 or 1-1/4 intermediate shaft all with different gears from one another. This link will help:

I have a 45 gpw that has a t90 swap. I am doing a frame off restoration And would like to go back to a t84 so I don't have to cut the floor. What are the dimensions of the t84 vs t90?

Willys Tech:
The T84 sits lower than the T90 because of the top shifter. I imagine that someone had to cut your floor board to make the T90 work in your jeep.

On my t-84 transmission, it won't shift into first gear while vehicle is in motion. Is this normal or do I have a problem?

Willys Tech:
You shouldnt be able to. It is not sycronized.

I'm weighing in the option of picking it up or shipping it overseas. What is the weight and dimension of the package to be shipped; and will be packed into a wooden crate?

Willys Tech:
These come in a heavy duty double walled box with packaging. The box is approx 18x12x12 and weights 50 pounds.

I see that the terminals are attached to the leads, but I do not see the shells, grommets or the bushings. Are these included with the switch assembley or are they availaable seperately? Don't think I would be able to get the old grommets off of the the old switch wiring in one piece.

Willys Tech:
Yes you would have to use your old grommets with these. It is sold as shown.

I do not see how this new Horn part # 852641, Will let me use a wheel puller to remove the old Steering wheel. This part # 852641 IS A Horn button Switch for botton of gearbox. Fits 50 - 52 M38. at the top of the Steering tub ther is not anything to mount a puller to. When i called you i think this is the part # 852641 you siad i would need. Hope you can help me out . THANK YOU VERY MUCH DAN in Ca

Willys Tech:
The switch really has nothing to do with the top of the steering wheel. It goes down at the bottom. The steering wheel puller is made for this 3 spoke wheel.
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