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Quilted Vinyl Seat Cover Set w/Caps for All 4 Seats
Fits 48-64 Station Wagon


New 3" Quilted Vinyl Seat Cover Set for All 4 Seats. With Top Caps

Includes complete seat covers with staples and attachment tool. Available in multiple colors.  Free material samples are available.

Made in the USA and properly cut and stitched to fit your original seat frames both upper and lower.

48-64 Station Wagon

Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery from time of order

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What is “cap” and can I get this with all the cushions? Thx

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Its is a horizontal stitch at the top portion of the bench where there vertical stiches do not go all the way up and it is smooth.

Will be ordering seat covers as well as the Masonite interior door and kit panels for my wagon soon. Can I also order same material that my seat covers will come with “by the yard” to cover the Masonite? And I still don’t understand what the “cap” is referring to for the upgrade. Is that the material that would cover the back side of the seats? Or what?

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
Give us a call toll free and we can go over options.

My original covers are 1 1/2" pleated so I am wondering if I can get that size of pleat? Also, just to be sure what you mean by pleating. My seats appear to have some foam padding sewn between two pieces of material at 1 1/2" intervals, is that the way your covers are made? The seat backs are stapled at the bottom edge of the back and that seems pretty straight forward but the bottoms appear to have a sheep metal bottom that have some metal clips that hold them on. Is that the way yours are made? Thank you for your help.

Willys Jeep Parts Tech:
We should be able to help out. Please email and we can go from there.
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